About Joyce

A major transformation in my life came about in 1993 when a former co-worker asked me to test a small machine he had discovered in Europe. He was very interested in my take on this new and unknown steam cleaning technology. I had no idea what to expect so I just started cleaning a few things.

Very quickly I realized this little steam cleaner was going to be the deliverance I had never dreamed possible from the drudgery of back-breaking heavy housework. I was thrilled to be liberated from getting down on my knees, a task that due to some health problems was becoming nearly impossible. This power tool took away the need for scrubbing and scouring! It gave me the freedom to keep my home cleaner and shinier than ever without the nasty chemicals or hard manual labor.

It took me no time to start telling everyone I knew how much my Sargent Steam cleaner had changed my life. The people who bought also started introducing their family and friends to steam cleaning. My hobby soon outgrew my spare bedroom so my husband, Alex and I branched into the business of helping homeowners just like us become as fanatic about steaming as we had. We were 57 years old. The time when all our friends were retiring, we started a new business!

Since then I have helped literally thousands of people just like you learn to use their Sargent Steamer to its fullest advantage. I’ve tackled some pretty unique cleaning challenges as I’ve interacted over the last 15 years with family, friends and customers. Now it is absolutely my pleasure to share that accumulated wealth of steam cleaning knowledge with you!


Joyce appears regularly on the popular daytime TV shows ABC4’s “Good Things Utah” and “Studio 5” where viewers refer to her as “The Steam Lady.” They rely on her for answers to their worst cleaning challenges. Joyce has received the “Fastest Growing Company In Utah” three times. She takes great pride in providing a profitable business opportunity and emotional support to countless women who enjoy reaching their potential as they change their lives (both their cleaning life and their financial status) and the lives of their customers.

As a dedicated philanthropist, Joyce donates steamers to families whose child suffers from SCID’s, the immune deficiency known as “Bubble Boy Syndrome” so they can live together in a totally germ-free environment. She also supports “The Christmas Box House” founded by Richard Paul Evans which provides shelter and improves the quality of life for children who have been abused or neglected. She lives in Salt Lake City, Utah with her husband Alex and her miniature Collie named Dolly. She is the proud mother of 4 daughters, 9 grandchildren and 16 great-grandchildren.

Joyce Mathie doesn’t know the meaning of the term “mandatory retirement.” At the age of 60 when all her friends were ending their careers, she started up a fabulous new company selling steam cleaners. It began with her infectious enthusiasm for a remarkable product that literally changed her life.

She became determined to share this life-changing product with as many people as possible. What began as a high level hobby bloomed into a viable business opportunity for herself and those who couldn’t wait to join her in spreading the word.

  • September 1993 – Market tested the first steam cleaners made available in the US
  • Began selling in 1993 doing business from her home in Salt Lake City, UT
  • April 1999 hired an assistant, Heather Page and doubled her sales staff
  • April 2000 leased a building
  • 2000 – Named 31st fastest growing company in Utah by the Mountain West Venture Group
  • 2001 – Named 81st fastest growing company in Utah by the Mountain West Venture Group
  • August 2001 bought her own building doubling her space
  • 2001 $1.3 million in sales
  • 2002 – Named 39th fastest growing company in Utah by the Mountain West Venture Group
  • 2002 – Hired new sales reps in Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Montana and Nevada
  • October 2004 Joyce Mathie and Julie Verrinder went to Italy to start negotiations on the new machine
  • 2004 – Named 78th fastest growing company in Utah by the Mountain West Venture Group
  • October 2005 introduced new steam machine to the public.
  • July 2006 – moved into retail space
  • To present – Hiring, training, mentoring and still going strong!