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Please read the Sargent Steam Policies and Procedures carefully. Once submitted, you will be held responsible for knowing, abiding by and conforming to all aspects of our Policies and Procedures.
To complete the form, type your contact information into the fields, read each policy/procedure and agree to the follow them by checking the box following each paragraph. When you have read each paragraph and checked its box click “Submit”.
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Submitting this form indicates you have read, understand, and agree to follow all Company Policies and Procedures.

Sales Representative Compensation

Sales Reps are paid commission on the volume they generate when selling Sargent Steam merchandise. No commission is earned on sales tax, discounts, gifted merchandise, or shipping. Layaway sales count as volume in the month they are written. 50% of a layaway down payment is paid to the Sales Rep now (unless 50% exceeds the normal commission amount.) The balance of your commission and any applicable referral fee will be paid only when the layaway contract is paid in full. The money a layaway customer pays into their account is not refundable. (See Layaway Contract)

There are no minimum sales quotas and your sales volume may fluctuate from month to month. However, an Active Sales Rep must consistently produce $1600.00 (1 steam cleaner) in sales volume per month to retain Sales Rep benefits like merchandise discounts and full commissions.

Prolonged or total inactivity in personal sales requires reactivation. After a 6-month absence, contact the Company Sales Director at 800-748-7832 before you sell a Sargent Steam cleaner to confirm current prices, promotions, sales tax, and shipping rates. You will need to read and agree with current company policies and procedures and sign a new SRA before any commission will be paid. After a long absence from selling it is to your benefit to allow the Company to assist you in reactivating.

Returns - Should your customer return merchandise for which you have already been paid, your commission will be forfeited. Your next commission will be adjusted to reimburse the company. However, you are obligated to reimburse the company for outstanding forfeited commissions if you are no longer selling and earning commissions.

I have read and agree to the terms and conditions listed in the Sales Representatives Compensation section above.

Sales Representative Merchandise Discount

The Company offers active Sales Reps and Store Employees a discount off retail for Sargent Steam merchandise purchased for their own use or to give as gifts or incentives. You must sell a minimum of 1 steamer per month to be considered active and eligible for the discount. You will receive a discount card with your paycheck to present at checkout when buying supplies in the store. The discount card will be in effect until the end of the next month.

I have read and agree to the terms and conditions listed in the Sales Representatives Merchandise Discounts section above.

Whose Customer is It?

The Sargent Steam business model offers customers the option of buying through direct salespeople, walk-in store sales, phone-in sales, and website shopping cart sales, so many customers begin shopping with us in one avenue and then switch to another. Any Sargent Steam representative or marketing tool may be their first exposure, the middle touch, or the last contact before they actually buy. So to determine if the sale will be yours exclusively or if it will be shared, ask all new prospects, “How did you hear about Sargent Steam?” and, “Is there someone in our company who considers you their customer?”

You may consider someone your customer if:

    1. You have personally demonstrated or spoken to them about the product and made the sale.
    2. You have personally demonstrated or spoken to them about the product and, because they are unable to buy right now, you have their permission to follow up at a more convenient time in the future. You will have given them your contact information (name, phone, DVD, business card, brochure, workbook, or Target Market card, etc.) and since they know you work on commission, they will tell anyone who asks that they consider themselves to be your customer.

It is your responsibility to make sure your prospects consider themselves your customer, know you work on commission, and will tell anyone who asks about you so you can receive proper compensation when you’ve earned it.

You may NOT consider someone your customer if:

    1. Your past customer refers this new customer to the store or the web and not to you.
    2. You have not personally contacted, demonstrated or discussed our products with them.
    3. You have been given their name but have not yet actually made contact with them.
    4. You have a previous, non-Sargent Steam relationship with them such as you used to work together, lived by each other, went to high school together, etc. Just because you know them does not mean they are automatically your customer.

The process to determine whose customer they are requires tact and good business practices. Never unduly press a prospect to determine whose customer they are. The two appropriate questions are,

    1.“How did you hear about Sargent Steam?”
    2.“Is there someone in our company who considers you their customer?”

When those two questions have been asked and answered, the process for determining whose customer they are is completed - whether the answers can actually determine the fact or not. Customers should not feel pushed or pulled, they want their needs met now and commissions will be sorted out later.

Arguing over commissions in front of a customer is absolutely unacceptable and is grounds for termination and Sales Representative Agreement cancellation

I have read and agree to the terms and conditions listed in the Whose Customer Is It? section above.

Split Commissions

When anyone purchasing a steamer from the Sargent Steam Store in person or on the phone tells us about you, an active Sales Rep, or presents anything with your name on it (your business card, FDLF coupon, your private showing workbook, etc.) you will receive 10% of the sale. Since you were the first touch and the store employee completed the sale the commission is split. When the store salesperson has asked “How did you hear about Sargent Steam?” and, “Is there someone in our company who considers you their customer?” and they do not tell us about you or present anything that links them to you, the sale remains the store’s exclusively.

When anyone purchases a steamer on the Sargent Steam website and enters your name in the Sales Rep field you will receive commission. When anyone orders online and does not enter a name in the Sales Rep field, no commission is paid. Since we do not actually speak to online purchasers, we do not know you are involved if they don’t tell us you are involved.

I have read and agree to the terms and conditions listed in the Split Commission section above.

Marketing Partner Referral Program

Our company business model pays for referrals and shares the expense equally with the Sales Reps. Each new steamer sale made as a result of a referral earns the referrer a $50.00 gift card to spend in the Sargent Steam store. Half the fee ($25.00) comes out of the commission the Sales Rep earned on the new steamer sale and half $25.00 comes from the Company.

Sales Reps may not request Marketing Partner bonuses for their own family members when selling to their other family members. For instance, we will not pay your mother for referring your sister. You have access to your sister without your mother. We only pay MP’s for putting you in touch with people you would not have access to otherwise.

Commissions, gifts, and/or discounts you give your family and friends are your responsibility entirely. Sargent Steam does not share these expenses as they are not necessary to close the sale.

Any Sargent Steam representative may pay any Marketing Partner for their referrals. It is your (the Sales Rep’s) responsibility to form the “Partnership” strongly enough to ensure your Marketing Partners send their referrals directly to you. The Company will not go beyond a reasonable point to identify when and if your Marketing Partners are involved in a sale to a new customer.

Earned Marketing Partner fees may be paid to anyone the referring customer wants. For instance, your MP may gift her $50.00 gift card earnings to a referral who is her daughter. In this case, simply write an MP gift discount on the daughter’s sales receipt rather than issuing a gift card to the MP. Write clear instructions on the sales summary sheet so accounting can see the connection between the gift discount and the MP referral earnings. This ensures the MP does not receive a gift card that has already been spent and that the Company will share this expense equally with the Sales Rep.

I have read and agree to the terms and conditions listed in the Marketing Partner Referral Program section above.

Recruiting and Sponsorship

Any Sales Rep in good standing may recruit new Sales Reps. Sales Reps must recruit in a professional, non-intrusive manner. We encourage all Sales Reps to recruit new Sales Reps as they sell the product, however, undue pressure should never be used to push a new recruit into enrolling especially if the financial investment is beyond their reach.

One person sponsors another person in our recruiting process. A team, such as husband/wife, does not share sponsorship of a new recruit. So in the event of a divorce, the original person retains sponsorship benefits. Sponsorship may not be transferred to another Sales Rep upon the original sponsor’s leaving the company. Your sponsor is your sponsor. If you wish to change sponsors, you must drop out for one year to be eligible to re-join under someone else.

I have read and agree to the terms and conditions listed in the Recruiting and Sponsorship section above.

Retail Pricing

To maintain our retail price structure with integrity and to protect you, our suggested retail prices are printed on the sales receipts, website, and printed marketing pieces. Sales Reps do not have the authority to discount Sargent Steam cleaners except as per company sponsored promotions, volume transactions and used machines. There are alternative items available to discount or give away as incentive to buy now. (See the “How and When to Negotiate a Deal or Discount” section in the Sargent Steam Sales Manual and discuss what, how, and when to use incentives with the Sales Trainer.)

I have read and agree to the terms and conditions listed in the Retail Pricing section above.

Product Training

Sargent Steam provides many opportunities for training so Sales Reps can become familiar with all policies, procedures, and forms. It is the Sales Rep’s responsibility to learn how all equipment and products work and to keep current with new products, pricing, company policies, and procedures. Knowing what is and what is not allowed in the company outlined demonstration sequence is for your protection. As an independent contractor you are responsible for damage and/or harm you (and anyone who helps you) cause in any Company setting. Product knowledge, understanding your equipment, and following company guidelines for cautions and safety are your responsibility.

Periodic training sessions and monthly sales rallies are provided as support for our Sales Reps. Sales Reps may seek help from their Sponsor or Sales Trainer whenever they need it. All requests from Sales Reps for training in any area will be accommodated as soon as possible in the manner the Sales Trainer feels most effective.

I have read and agree to the terms and conditions listed in the Product Training section above.

Repairs and Warranty Work

The corporate repair facility in Salt Lake City will accommodate repairs as timely as possible…typically in one day and out by the next business day. Customers in need of service should never be led to expect repairs while they wait. Appointments should be negotiated directly with the service department.

As a Sales Rep, it is not your responsibility to pick up, estimate charges, make repairs, or deliver your customer’s repaired equipment. Do not quote prices or promise that repair services are covered under warranty on the telephone or in person. Only a qualified repair technician may determine costs and/or time estimates. The repair department will prepare an estimate and telephone the customer before work is started only if requested by the customer in writing.

The Sargent Steam warranty covers defective parts, materials, and workmanship for two years and an extra 3 years (total of 5) on defective boiler tanks. Labor charges, misuse, neglect, shipping, theft, and loss are not covered under warranty. (See “Limited Warranty” on the back of the sales receipt.)

I have read and agree to the terms and conditions listed in the Repairs and Warranty Work section above.

Return Policy

If a customer is not satisfied with merchandise purchased from Sargent Steam they may return it within 90 days. We will gladly refund their money (less a 20% restocking fee) if the product purchased is unused, in its original condition and packaging, and is accompanied by the original sales receipt. Customers must also have allowed us to properly educate them in the product’s functions and uses. They may call 1-800-748-7832 to obtain a Return Authorization Number (RA#) if they have met these requirements. (See the back of the Sales Receipt) Shipping and/or insurance is not refundable.

I have read and agree to the terms and conditions listed in the Return Policy section above.

Buyer’s Right to Cancel

If the sales agreement was solicited and merchandise was left with a customer in their home, business, or place of employment they have the right to cancel the agreement for any reason within 3 days. If they wish to exercise this right, they should call 801-326-8322 and mail written notice to Sargent Steam by midnight of the third business day requesting cancellation and reimbursement of any funds already paid. All merchandise must be returned to Sargent Steam complete, unused, and in its original condition and carton/packaging at the customer’s expense.

I have read and agree to the terms and conditions listed in the Buyer’s Right to Cancel section above.

Sargent Steam, LLC reserves the right to change policies without prior notice at any time and at its sole discretion, by sending a new agreement to the Associate via e-mail. These Policies and Procedures are effective as of August 1, 2012.

I have read and agree to all the terms and conditions listed in the Policies and Procedures outlined above.

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